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  • During the cooperation we met positive and professional attitude, as well as fulfillment of vacancies and timely obligations. We definitely can recommend recruitment company "Human Source" as a partner in building successful and professional company team!
    Lauris Stafeckis, SIA, Member of the board
  • We had this opportunity to work together with the recruitment company "Human Source" in the long term by assigning a selection to a number of important vacancies! Through a full selection, from the candidate's selection to the candidate's assessment, we made sure that the company carries out its work professionally, with a great sense of responsibility, precisely! Critical situations that arise during the selection are also successfully addressed! We will continue to make sure that we use the services provided by this company as necessary.
    Jolanta Gaudieša, SIA Karavela, HR manager
  • During the cooperation with "Human Source", we received professional attitude and professional approach to candidate selection. The selection was successful and the employee continue his work duties in our company. We can recommend this recruitment company as a client-oriented partner.
    Leons Klētnieks, SIA Profcentrs, Member of the board
  • During the cooperation with "Human Source" we received a positive attitude, high-quality service. We consider cooperation in the selection of a candidates as a successful one and we will continue this cooperation in the future. For our part, we can recommend this company as a professional, accurate, with high level of responsibility and a customer-oriented cooperation partner.
    Vadims Umanovs, AS KOMFORTS INDUSTRIES, Chief Executive Officer
  • SIA "VARIS Toys" was cooperating with recruitment company "Human Source", recruitment project target was to find suitable candidate as Key Account Manager in Baltic's and target was successfully achieved. Final result was excellent, because hired candidate performed with excellent results and we are satisfied with candidate attitude. The company proved itself as a competent partner, demonstrating the ability to go into the operating principles of SIA "VARIS Toys", and carrying out a detailed evaluation of the candidates and ensuring the quality and timely fulfillment of all obligations. SIA "VARIS Toys" positively evaluates the cooperation with "Human Source" and will continue cooperation in future projects!
    Oskars Ķinis, SIA VARIS Toys, Sales director
  • I wanted to say huge thanks to the professional Human Source team, which proved to be a high-profile company. Our company often needs to fill out very specific vacancies, and Human Source was able to find suitable candidates.
    Kaspars Milbergs, On The Map Marketing, CTO


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