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Career consulting

Receive an objective assessment of your professional abilities and a clear direction for your career path.

  • Competency analysis
  • Setting goals and directions for professional growth
  • Creating a career plan
  • An overview of the labour market

If you are at the “crossroads” of your career, consulting with a professional will allow you to assess your strengths and identify the competencies to be developed, as well as understand your further career path - based on labour market trends as well as supply and ambitions.

  • Objective and professional assessment of one's abilities
  • Confidence in one's abilities and position in the labour market
  • Further steps of growth are clearly defined
  • Reduced risk of unsuitable career choices

Job seeking support

Use our resources and knowledge to find the most suitable vacancies and successfully participate in the recruitment process.

  • Preparation of Curriculum Vitae and application
  • Search for job advertisements
  • Checking the reputation of a potential employer
  • Psychological support and consultations

Use the experience of our recruitment specialists to find the best job offers, create an attractive application for vacancies of your interest and successfully prepare for job interviews, as well as receive support in the job seeking process.

  • Saved time and personal resources
  • Strengthening of personal brand
  • Effective job seeking process


Identify your professional abilities and directions for professional growth with an objective and scientifically based approach.

  • Competency assessment
  • Personality, intelligence, creativity, cognitive productivity tests etc.

The better you get to know yourself, the more advantages you will have in the labour market. Receive a full-range assessment of your personality traits, cognitive abilities, intelligence and creativity, which will help you gain confidence in your strengths and identify areas for professional growth.

  • Scientifically proven methodology
  • Objective and professional evaluation
  • Confidence in one's abilities and position in the labour market
  • Clear directions for professional growth


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