Direct search, or “headhunting,” is a search for high-level managers and narrow-skilled professionals who demand far beyond supply. In the direct search, there is a targeted recruitment of candidates from certain companies without a public call for competition.

What is your benefit?

  • Achieve planned business indicators;
  • A highly skilled manager or specialist has been found who is in high demand on the labor market and directly depends on the achievement of the company’s results;
  • The reputation of the company is protected because the employee is “entrusted” to a co-operation partner and confidentiality is respected when the candidates are identified with the company name at the end of the recruitment process;
  • Believing that the best possible employee has been found, due to in-depth market research, addressing the best industry professionals, with experts with extensive knowledge of specific sectors and a wide range of contacts;
  • Professional, according to modern methods, assessment of candidate competencies;
  • Saved time and financial resources at the expense of the candidates for the search and evaluation;
  • A replacement guarantee for a recruited candidate;
  • You will become a reliable partner in personnel selection;

We will provide personnel selection and management consulting after the completion of the selection project.