Outplacement is an assistance provided to terminated employees in the event of redundancies. It provides employees with support for new career goals and allows them to obtain a professional assessment of their competencies, knowledge of how to look for a job and successfully negotiate work.

The main benefits to the company from the outplacement:

  • Promoting image of the employer as an ethical and socially responsible organization;
  • Preventing negative actions against the company, such as legal conflicts;
  • Existing employees do not lose their motivation and loyalty to the employer.

Outplacement process consists of individual career consultations or group consultations if there are several employees of the same career level. During the consultation, practical assistance in the search for a new job, as well as psychological support is provided. An employee receives information on:

  • Topicalities in the labor market;
  • Search for job advertisements;
  • Examining reputation of the potential employer;
  • Preparation of the professional CV;
  • Job negotiation process;
  • Questions that the employer is and is not allowed to ask in a job interview;
  • Employee rights.